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A Leap in the Dark
A Picture of Arrogance
A Safe House
Achilles' Brain
All About Strange
All Night Party
Baby Veils
Bal Masque
Blitz Story
Catwalk Boris
Cold Whispers
Concerning Status
Darkness Visible
Delta of Venus
Diane with a Gun
Dirk Bogarde
Elizabeth's Eyes
Entracte / Zurich 1924
Farewell, Officer
Fear of Falling
From the Bell-Jar
Funhouse in Dub
Ghosts Amongst You All
Herr Plank
His Master's Voice
In My Velvet Cage
Into the Factory
Jesus Has Left the Building
Judy in the Cupboard
Love Bullets
Love Lies
Memento Mori
Mishima's Sepukko
My Blue Angel
New Terrorists
O Sweetheart Libido
Paradise Lost
Platonic Love
Prince and Princess Midas in Reverse
Punch Drunk and Mesmerised
Rogue Male
Siren & I
Some Things Are Never Clear
That First Wild Kiss
The Body Bank
The Challenge
The Debutante
The Hand That Squeezed the Heart
The Logical Start
The Purist
The Other Passenger
To the Wire
Truth About Surgery
Up Jumped the Devil
Viva! Masouri
Wayward Heart
When I Acquire You
White Night
Your Lover Just Called


This is no normal ink
But the red blood that drips from my hands
If I wasn't so disturbed
I'd cut your throat where you stand
Now I know the truth about you, this is the end
You're as cold as ice but you fire the hearts of men

Don't you...

You prey upon the hearts that hold
The blazing torch of youth
I might be mistaken, but I think I've seen the truth
And pleasure leads to pain - through one disordered kiss
I took a leap in the dark with you
It's driven me to this...

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I'm immune to television
I'm a rich man's toy
I can get away with murder
I'm a clean - cut boy
I'm a twofold Cabaret
I'm a Saturday night
I'm the sick guy with a sparkle
in his eye
I'm a whore's delight

I'm a picture of arrogance
A mess of red and black
Give me a taste of your moral waste
And I'll give you a heart attack
Call me a second hand accident
Call it an error of thinking
It's all part of a tyrant's heart
Given to excessive drinking

Give me a fistful of dollars
Hustle me down to Paris
Open the door to the Palais de Danse :
Tell me admission's free
Surely there's time for another
Give me an hour or two
Put me in the bar where the doubles are
Another one will see me through

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A SAFE HOUSE ..... ?

We wait
Under orders
Trying to discern
What's wrong and right
We smile
Our divorce is :
MI5 and Counter - Espionage
The orders say -

In our Movie
Nothing happens
At the Wharf they dropped the carpet
And exit singing
' Strangers in The Night '

In Tyneside with Felix
Pissing away
Pissing away
Pissing away a fortune
A card game
Hurls the greeting of
Counter - Counter Espionage
It's all a game -

Your wife is a neurotic divorcee
She won two hundred thousand pounds
on ' Spot The Ball '
And her legs need replacing
Her eyes are failing -

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He got home that night
He had a beer bottle in his hand
And his eyes were bright
He took a hammer to his wife's head
Watched the blood spill out
He ran down to the corner Shop
To get Alan
He cut her up like a stuck pig
He blew a hole through an artery
He had a hard-on throughout
As her brain caved in ...

He held a knife there under pain
Harrowing , the harsh light
The pain was red and white
Brain brain, Achilles' brain

And his wife hacked in
Her head in his hands
He had Achille's brain
And the night blurred down

Watch the blood flow
Watch a heart break
Watch a white screen
Cops bangin' on the door

Growl washed down
Heart break through
Bottle in his hands
And his wife crawls -

There was a banging on the wall that night
Warm blade flight
It was Charles Manson
He gave his wife release
From Achille's brain
It was a haemorrhage
Was a cardiac

Then it's Cops banging on the windows
Relishing flight
The bottle in his hand
Hey -

Achilles' brained out

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I'm having a friend to help waste time
She reads me a story but I can't listen
And sleeping in the next room :
My wife - alone
We take such risks embracing in here
We take such risks

I get so tired ( feels so fruitless )
So tired ( vicious lies )
I get so tired ( come on hold me )
In the afterhours ( walk into my eyes )

I see you in the light
From the Christmas tree
And we touch fingers now and then
Waiting in the next room
She's always there
Please put the lights out afterhours
Please put the lights out afterhours

I get so tired ( you wish touch me )
So tired ( It's all so simple )
I get so tired ( show me your hands )
In the afterhours ( it could always be this good )

Everything falters
And the fire lies low
The girl checks my pulse
and smiles
Watch my hands shake
Feel my heart break
Something is burning my eyes

Something is burning my eyes

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Took a drink from a white cup
As we paused at the bus stop
On the edge of a town in... WS

Took a suck on a sugarcube
My mouth was a pit of snakes
The trees were moving close: still

Took a drag from a cigarette
My eyes were all a - shake
I felt the clouds move

We sat high on a hill
Overlooking sunny Sussex
Watched the sunspray

All the cars looked like dinky toys
As the trees were moving close

... strange

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The all night party
We were drunk again
Gabrielle kills the light

And the all night party was so loud
" The Strange Boutique " turned my head
I quickstep drunken to the bathroom door
It's high time I was in bed

She said we'd celebrate with cocktails
If we could fight our way upstairs
But the two-way mirror in the Master Suite
Catches us unawares

She held
It inside
I got so confused
When I
I let her touch me
Just for a while
I liked her party dress
I made her smile

Then the all night party was a pig-pen
Men and women working very hard
Playing sex with inscrutable precision
I got wet just standing guard

And we stopped trying and took our coats
And we stopped sweating over fast fingers
And we stopped trying we were furious
And then we just stopped-

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Now it's time to hide away once again
That's what you told me
Now we've come so far
I know we'll get through in the end
That's what I told you

You hurt me
I hurt you
I can't see whats different now
Don''t tell me youve found
Something new
Now it's almost true

Soon sunrise
Will cast her glow over me
It's just like a movie
For these last few hours
I'll close my eyes and pretend
I'm almost beside you

I was told I could see you
At your place
A silhouette from the picture
Framing my face
I will hold you like I hold on to my dreams
I will hold you like I hold on to my dreams

Now it's time to hide away once again
Now we've come so far
I know we'll get through in the end
That's what I told you
Almost in love

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I watched them guided through a white light
I saw Jackboots kick the snow
I heard the Calling...
Then I heard the Gases blow
You can hear hear them cry

Turn my eyes away
Turn my head away

From the Internment Camps of Dachau
Pile the shrivelled bodies into fives
A charred mass of Innocents
Damn you monsters who took their lives
I can hear them

Turn my self away
Turn my eyes away
From the atrocity

Who were the real ' Sub-Humans ' ?
Auschwitz - beguile yourself
Eichmann der kinder damned
Ach und lieber der Sonderkommand

From Auschwitz
They'll never come home

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See Jimmy, sat in the corner
Nursing his jaw
The opportunity he gave you is no more
And out by the yard, something's calling...
You hang by the tiles from the roof of the world

Now Jimmy's walking down the corridor
Two doors from your heart
Eyes at the keyhole
The key turns, you wake and start
Outside the lights are gleaming
At the centre of the world
Las Vegas or England -

Baby veils
You've tied up to your art
And the veil
Keeps you safe and warm
And Jesus John is waiting in the hallway
And his eyes are glazed from the last shot -

And the party is fascinated by you
You've got this cool blonde hair
Manipulating Eno's 'strategies'
As I watch you from the stairs
John looks so strange - what's with his eyes?
He's just finished another card that lied...

Baby veils
You've tied up to your art
And the veil
Keeps you safe and warm
And in your mind, the sky is falling down

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Good Evening -
Welcome to " Club Monaco"
This way, ladies
for your aperitif
Gentlemen ... champagne for you
Drink to the health
Of the ladies who sip softly and sigh
It's midnight
By the lakeside
A walk under the stars
And we'll wake to the sound
of this spanish hacienda
Come ...
Why do you wear such a frown ?
Come ...
More Bolivia caviar
This way for the main attraction
Come, Senoritas
Through this door :
Please, come , come along
You like the party?
Monsieur et Madame ...
The night is long
Ah - here's Mr Valentino !
"Que sera" Monseigneur
A duel ? Why, yes -
I will honour you for the ladies
Swords at dawn
Madame superior
Ah how she moves
In her Taffeta
Such a wicked bliss
And the gentlemen enter
With their Brandy and Cigars
Let the ladies watch the midnight stars
Ah - ONE more aperitif ...
This is how I would like to remember you
Your eyes shining
One more Cha - Cha
Oh don't be sad, come

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Looking inside
Terry's disguise
He was drinking the world
In a lost begonia

Mary and I
Came down to try
I was holding her hand
She was holding a hard - on

Healthy and wild
Stealthy and mild
We were seen to drip
lik a Bishop's candle

Damaging pride
Paranoia inside
Cold light of a day, in a sense :

Crumbling Times
Managing rhymes
Hoping to fly to the next horizon

Wondering why
Feeling inspired
Embracing the girls
with a sense of wonder

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As I move to her Harlow machine
Fifty more just like me
She smiles with her hand like a Harlow queen
The sun made a blaze in her hair

Girl smiles
Light breaks
White torch
Moon blaze

As I move through the City square
A girl with a man sub - marine
She waits like la Harlow until they're there
I tell her there's something unclean
She says

Torch light
C ' mon baby
D ' ye hear it blaze
It sounds like

Waiting there for her all day long
Her hand on a Cadillac that gleams
The sun blazed out on a Harlow queen
America - it's quite some scene

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I'll see you again
After it's over
Now please don't be sad
You know that I'll write
Now you must be brave
It won't last forever
I'll always recall
The stars in your eyes

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With a buzz and a click and a kitty-cat kick
Prowling in the night with his Catwalk flip
His two-tone feet, always discreet
he's the cream of the Lady cats' sweetmeat treats

I can't write 'cos he eats my pen
Tearing at the paper and miaowing again
This too - cool Cat won't let me sing
Fussin' and a fighting with my guitar strings

He climbs the curtains and he dances in bed
Sits in my hat , sleeps on my head
Gives me the eye then he winks and purrs
I guess he thinks he's Venus In Furs -

Well as a matter of a fact this too-cool cat
- a cut above the Toms in his habitat
When he arches his back and his tail rides high
He's eyeing up the pussy on Catwalk Drive

So with a buzz and a click and a kitty-cat lick
Prowling in the night with his Catwalk flip
His two-tone feet ( - always discreet )
The cream of the Lady cats' sweetmeats

( R . I . P , Boris - you were a rather exceptional cat xT )

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Soft throats of the Bel-Air wives
Scarlet lips tell familiar lies
A new american homicide
Chalk the outline where she died
Drink your breakfast in the sun
Deadly games played out for fun
The drapes twich on the voyeur's thumb
A silhuouette falls on Marlowe's gun

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Jenny's been in Re-hab, 59 days
Shakin' and a-shiverin' as she claws
her way though the waters
Drug-dry, sleepless, dead on her feet
Black kohl shadows spinning wheels
When she hears those whispers ...

Now her friends have grown older, she's living alone
Section 2 Order, like a rolling stone
A long time burning, fever's so high
Jenny spills over she's a kiss-and-tell spy
Hush daughter ...

With her drip-dry lips kissing
Fucked up grin
The holes in her stockings
Where the world pours in
Sweet sister ...

Blind paranoia in the wink of an eye
She wakes in the morning
And it seems like the world
Froze over ...

Now the walls have grown ears
And the rumour is clear :
Run for tomorrow every time
That you hear

Cold whispers

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Fame is a spur
We're told
Don't you believe it
Some of my best friends
Don't even exist

Finally broadcast
You'll find me on Radio 3
The hope is it moves you
Like it moves me

I'll play the last chords
You play a critic
We'll see the real you
At the autopsy

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Cutdown over your head
Kiss you
And wipe your eyes
I will wipe your eyes

Cutdown into your mouth
You'll never
Lick your lips again

Cutdown under your legs
I'll keep your shoes
as a souvenir
A new souvenir
Yes I will

Fistfight with damaged hands
Two hours' sleep
But she will understand
In the kitchen
After dark
Quick blade dancing
Red Water stains the carpet

Cutdown again

I will wipe your eyes

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Someone stole the portraits
From your gamine Hall of Fame
Only empty spaces now
You knew them all by name
Here were the figures
You passed along the way
Each one a turning point
Where you could fix the blame

The tulips and roses
Have withered in the rain
Each romantic gesture now seems
hopelessly inane
Don't try to protest :
I know you are corrupt
Never bit the hand that fed you
You just chewed it up

Call yourself an Artist
'cos you failed at real life
Could have been a Carpenter
or someone's trophy wife
There is no expectation
In your paranoic mind
Just the mental debris
That you always leave behind

You don't know the value
Of simple compromise
You've painted over everything
With your promises and lies

Open your eyes you're still here
Open your eyes they're still clear
Open your eyes the babies are near
Open your eyes this year

I wonder where and when you picked it up
All your useless work now seems to be blown up
Every expectation we thought
that you'd achieve
Blown away in Autumn
With the flowers and the leaves

Rustle your footsteps
Find your way home
Like an orphan stranded
Or a dog without his bone

Whisper it here - you're still here
Open your eyes this year
Open your eyes you're still here
Open your eyes this year

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O Regina : Queen Vagina
Germaine Greer or Julie B
Mighty huntress Queen Diana
Loves so altruistically
Now she pirouettes away
And she's smiling everyday
Squeeze you in her eyes
Pussy's mistress beckons: 'Rise'
And seed you.

The whisper of your lips and fingers
Rides the living surf across your mouth
Smiling there where cunning- lingers
A Cobra travels from the South
Pussy's mistress beckons: Come - tonight
You'll be the only one to seed me.

The focus of you is the camera
Panorama films the pose
That's exactly how you leave me
Underlit and overexposed
That winking little eye
Leaves me reaching for the sky
to seed you.

And I gaze upon the face
From that secret little place
Thinning through your lips and fingers
Grinning there where cunning- lingers
Then the wrestling begins
Pussy's mistress beckons: Come on in ...

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I hear my baby's doing well
She's single, white and female raised in hell
You know your race is almost run
When you see Diane with a gun

Baby's trigger is her smile
She kisses execution style
Blows the smoke from her Magnum -
The lady Diane with a gun

Deadly aim with every shot
Now she's with you, now she's not
In your heart, between your eyes
From divorce through homicide

Her pistol is her telephone
Just leave your message, she's not home
And like the song by Beatle John
This girl knows happiness is warm

The trigger
The trigger
The trigger of her gun

Forget the things you may have heard
A ' Ladykiller ' is a girl
Squeezed between her finger and her thumb
Blown away the father and his son

The trigger
The trigger
The trigger of her gun

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I dreamed I saw Dirk Bogarde with a cigarette in his hand
A long time on a movie set in a far and distant land
He told me of ' The Porter ' then wept against a wall
Liliana spoke at once, I could'nt speak no more
And I walked across the forest, drank there at the Bar
With Tony Forwood lighting up a Mexican cigar
The Nazi memorabilia was lately in his mind
We spoke of Joseph Losey and others of his kind
And I dreamed I worked with Bogarde, ligging up the Set
Jimmy Fox was watching as he smoked his cigarette
The lighting man was cautious the script - girl had gone home
And as I shook hands with Bogarde I felt like I had grown
The Rank girl was sitting aside from off the set
She said "I can't be sure...but it hasn't happened yet"
And we talked of time with Visconti, ' Death in Venice ' pales
Beside the work he disdained with Rank film and working overseas
Then I dreamed I shook Dirk Bogarde by his cool and silken hand
As the writer in him shook his head and said "I hope you understand...
... that I can't be seen ... tonight ...

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In the great Dramarama they rehearse at the switch of a tremolo
their pale skin twisted with the strain of the Heroin Creed
By the time dawn broke there were staggered eyes rolled up
From the flame red needle came a bite that passed through me

The sirens wailed as a young heart failed on overdose
And the pure white dust made a thick pile carpet on the floor
As the last fix died I watched as he cried for autonomy
Then the heroin choked and I couldn't watch no more

And they kicked and screamed as the white shirts gleamed in the corridor
There were three paramedics and a stretcher for the punctured shell
As the Creed closed in their cold blue grin read: apathy
In this Dramarama - I can' t tell...

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I'm gonna thrill me again - again
I'm breakin' my heart again - again
Selfish fool precious too
All the time I hold in again

I always miss myself when I'm away from home
I always catch my death of cold
I'm so unhealthy - I'm almost twenty - three
And I always do what I'm told

I'm gonna kill myself again - again
I'm breakin' my heart again - again
Selfish fool precious too

I always miss myself when I'm away from home
I always catch my death of cold
I'm so unhealthy - I'm almost twenty - three
And I always do what I'm told

. . . just ask Paul
he'll tell you if you're small
and you'll have to say that you've been rolled

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She walks into a railroad bar
Cool calm and beguiling
We drank and played a perfect game
When we left we were smiling

As the day wore on
the Cambridge air
Was sweet and bright and sailing
Then I was eclipsed by Elizabeth's eyes
But the shadow was of my own making

Then the night came down
by the riverside walk
Elizabeth's eyes asked a question
And all through the hours
that petered away
I answered without hesitation

As kissing the silk of a throat so warm
The ghost of her doubt disappearing
I swam into the pools
of Elizabeth's eyes
And it seemed to me they were smiling

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Zurich: on another low dive
The guests arrive by car-crash around ten
Heartbeat drumming as the wine flows
We share a glass together now and then

So hot, I need the drug of conversation
Steer me to the window once again
Your cheeks flush, is it the effort of collusion?
If we can't be real lovers, let's pretend

Wild eyes, I'm in a whirl of misdirection
This soiree lasts forever in my heart
Don't fear the birth of such a dubious liason
For we'll still be bound together as we part

Tell me: d'you think your shadow could decipher
The signs that passed between us all night long?
I'll be your passenger and protect you with cold lies
And we'll travel incognito in this song

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Direction is strained - I get off the train
Walk through this City in a vale of fear
Open the door and then he appears
Court Welfare man, tell me I'm wrong
I'll be singin' you a different song
Court Welfare man, on my back
Babe don't you tell me to come back

Do you doubt that I love my kid?
Better keep your respect hid
There's every chance, I could dance
on your grave
I think of you when I think of shit
Wipe you away and flush you quick
But every time I turn around
Court Welfare man is comin' down on me

Don't got a job that he calls the best
Got ash stains on my chest
Says I drink too much, don't get up
Guess I'll be livin' with a beggar's cup

Welfare Man, says I'm wrong
Says I should be singin' you a different song
Welfare Man says I'm no good
Please don't let me be misunderstood

Welfare Man don't got no blues
Big shiny office with pretty views
Pokin' his nose where it don't belong
I'm kissin' you off in the Courts of my song...

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I got this crazy feeling
I got this tiny joy
I'm sleepwalking on the ceiling
Swinging from a neon toy

I seen the Angel of Mercy
Drinking in a downtown bar
Giving me the eye and I'm not sure why
Makes me feel one inch tall

I got this fear of falling
It's a tingling in my bones
Such a long way down from lonesome town
I guess I'm accident prone

I think I need a vacation
I was thinking of New York state
If I get me there I'm gonna get some care
I know I must , or it'll be too late

Don't you look so worried
Don't you look to left nor right
Just move on up to the head of the queue
Seems to me , it's just the best you can do

I got this crazy feeling
I got a tiny joy
I was sleepwalking on the ceiling
Swinging from a neon toy

I seen my Angel of Mercy
Drinkin' in a downtown bar
Giving me the eye through a whisky rye
I'm feeling one inch high

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Twins like us were bound to get along
Cold from the old days living life alone
But if it could be that I was you and you were me
I'd help you to see: you've got to be yourself

Look after the boy
I remember him well
I left you at the station
With a small electric toy held in his hand
Shy from me, he hid behind your skirt where it began
Like a man, trying everything

So breathe me in
Inside of these words
You must admit when we gelled was something worth
Deep and truthful, would compel you to stay
And find yourself through all of me this way
Now I see the scale of all the years you've had to live alone,
like a stone
Cold and hard and scattered on the beach, out of reach:
The tide just pushed and pulled you

Something's changed
Changed my way of being
Changed my way of life

You know I could be whatever you charged me up with
For it can be revealed now: I put my hand inside the Bell-Jar
I'm checking out you, you're checking out me
Steel and crystal so shiny and strong
All along
Twins like us were born to be OK
I guess you've somewhat autographed the boy
Guess we've made him our push-me-pull-you toy
When the love can't take reveals you as a fake
For these lost years will show that this union was the right way

Darling girl, I'll tell you
I'm gonna love you till I'm ashes
I put my hand inside the Bell-Jar

I'm checking out you, you're checking out me
Now hear: now this: now kill: now kiss
Now fade away

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The walls are shaking
The covers are near
The walls are breaking
Over here

Don't tell me lies
I know you too well
All this from one chance remark
Don't tell me lies

Well here we are
We're secretly blessed
You need attention
I need a rest

Sealed in the Funhouse
Sealed in the dark
Royal blue light
Why so aloof ....?

I crawl up the walls
In through the door
Crawl to the bed
I crawl up your side
I look in your face
Your eyes like the chase

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A phobia
A pledge of love
We arrange ourselves
What are we thinking of
What are we thinking of

And you find yourself
In a song
Can you hold it there
Or does it take too long
Tell me does it take too long

Love and death
Ghosts amongst you all
Ghosts amongst you all
Ghosts amongst you all

Between you and me
For an hour tonight
We could taste decadence
With our lips locked tight
With our lips locked tight
And our sexes kissing

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(For Conny Plank, with admiration)

Bearded, blonde and baffled
Miking up the phone
Absent noise reduction
Just outside Cologne
His twitching fingers bouncing
Heavy waters break
The beating part of Conny's heart
begins to oscillate

Florian has dignity
Joachim likes to dance
Eno's all the strategy
Of musik made by chance
The Sea is major - minor
Sky looks upside down
His tape machine reveals
the endless European sound

Balanced on the cross - fade
Breathing in the mix
Metallic blue sonatas
As Conny sets the fix
Pulse then rhythm wavers
"Ich bin ein der wachs"
Grossmeister Telefunken
auf Alexanderplatz

Herr Plank

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Old man
Did I spy you in the club bar
Did I complicate
The telling of the story of your life?
Did your eyes blur
When you spoke of Arabia
Did you feel choked as you recalled
The blaze of the sun?

Old fool
Tugging at the sleeves of the young man
Your well-worn tales
Echo through the pyramid walls
I can see you now in a poor re-make of 'Beau Geste'
Clinging to the back of a camel
As the sand dunes rise and fall

Old one
Won't you join me in a last toast?
So stylized
We'll even dash out glasses to the floor
We'll get soaked on perished Ouzo
Then dance to the rhythm of a thousand desert guns

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Call me liar
I half expect you to
Whip band moves once
Black glove remains
Battlefield clay
Mouth to mouth delay
Her halo towers
Above me again

Hold the light close
It gets so dark in here
Each spark reveals
Devil's bouquet
Cellar blue
Love holds no charm for you
Whip hand moves twice
Whirls me around

You walk abroad
Tourists of the heart
Whip hand guides you
Pushed far away
Who'll turn a page
See me in my velvet cage
Whip hand snakes out
Glove cracks down

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You shining radar angels
In sable coats and leather boots
Death comes in leather boots
Death is a call girl
Fat and bleeding in a heap
Death is a white cross
If I only had a gun
I'd never need sex again

Are you ready for incest
Can you see the world through your Mother's thighs
Are you ready for incest
When mouth meets mouth in private lives

These tiny splintered hands
That hesitate at razor grips
Dust forms at razor grips
Static and ex - static
Dust is a Sister's kiss
If I could become another man
I probably would

Are you ready for incest
See the world through your Mother's thighs
Are you ready for incest
When mouth meets mouth in private lives

These sordid little efforts
Twisted private lives
Butchered in their private lives
Butchered by erotic fists
Broken arms and severed heads
Butchered at the hands of guilt
Slit eyes read : strange lovers
Wounded by a chord change
like this

Are you ready for incest
Can you see the world through your Mother's thighs
Are you ready for incest
When mouth meets mouth in private lives

Are you ready for incest
See the world through your Mother's thighs
When fucking leads to screaming pain
The stillborn child with sterile eyes

To MS, a slight returned with apologies

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Collect your space clothes
It's time to escalate
Where the walls close in
and Warhol's tribe congregate

Into the Factory
Spilt figures scramble by
Storm the Factory
Culture Art
To flame your heart

I fear
I fear

Down at the Outhouse
Lose yourself in Colour
Dance the ' Bizarro '
Twist and turn like whirling toys

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There's a party in the mansions of Valhalla
They've been stockpiling their sacrificial wine
The faithful congregate in their blurred and blessed state
They're waiting for their Lord to give a sign
But Jesus has left the building
He's leaving by the stage door as we speak
And as every fan will know, there's a second evening show
They'll be crying in the chapel come next week

Love thy neighbour, be thy not judgemental
Thy mother is no Mary after all
Do ye unto others as she would toward herself
Hark! The hippo evangelical
The zealots will profess there's no need to get depressed
Everyone has got a cross to bear
You and yours are safe, if you only get the faith
Now forget yourself: say a little prayer

Be you Jew or gentle jaded Gentile
All of us are welcome to the feast
The supper show goes on,it's the very last one
The miracles are just beyond belief
I'm sure I'd heed the call if I had the wherewithal
Philosophy, nirvana and belief
But my credo will persist in debunking blessed bliss
So I'm lapsing, just to get a minute's peace

There's a party in the mansions of Valhalla
'Invitation Only' - so I hear
I'm hoping that they've put me on the guest list
Redemption comes expensive way up here
Jesus has left the building
The book of Revelation says it all
Will we be crucified if we distrust or vilify?
And his hard-rain's-a-gonna-fall

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Judy lives in her house
She sits under the staIrs
All alone with her rats
Because she hasn't a care
She ate something bad
All her hair fell out

She tells me " Life ain't very fair "
I told her " Don't you even care "

She asks me " Is it good or bad "
Life doesn't cheat her, 'cos she's mad

( . . . the rats begin to bite . . . )

Judy hardly goes out
Except to see Mr. Hood
He tells her lots of stories
And he makes her feel good
She'd like to marry him
if she ever could
But she can't -

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She sits in her chamber of crimson red
She smokes from an opium ball
She autographs her name with her nipple as a pen
She smiles like no-one at all
She feeds her vanity with sweet cocaine
That she stole from an Arabian king
She squirmed in his lap with a little girl's malice
Then she flexed her immaculate wings

The slut of Haddam Hall
She's had 'em all

She gorged her way through the loins of the world
Just to see it's Kings and Emperors fall
As blowing them a kiss from her bubbling lips
She led them to the ritual crawl
It soon was heard that this courtesan pearl
Could eradicate your marital stress
She rolled you in her thighs with a glutton's keen eye
And you sank into her deadly caress

The slut of Haddam Hall
She's had 'em all

The wives all snarled at this shameful charade
Protested to the chief Commissar
He avowed to arrest this redoubtable whore
And proceeded to her blood-red boudoir
The first thing he saw when she unlocked the door
Was Leah with her eyes cast low
And begging on her knees she unzipped his compassion
And delivered him a lethal blow

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I awake from a crowded dream
All my friends tell me not to cry now
I awake in the heart of her
And it's Christmas time outside now
Baby's lies are over
She makes no sound

Look out the window
There's your friends outside
They help bring you down
There's no chance of you hiding
All your fortunes hit the ground
Same old lines you told me too
I almost knew

Wake in the morning
With your head hung from sleep
Believe me it's not the same
Look out the window
There's the world outside
There's a world outside

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Hey boys - I've been watching the lines
White lines - I've been watching and walking
Straight and true
With these ballroom capsules here in my hand
With these love bullets

Sing a prayer for my lost boys
And these love bullets
Skying up and flooring down
From oceanside to lonesome town
Boxed up in a womb of mud
Drinking the devil's blood

Love bullets - endless and flaming red
Love bullets - shot dead

Twisting with the rainfall, twisting with the locusts
Love bullets - reload the kiss of majesta
Hey boys - let's drink and forget/drink and remember
Find a girl to wipe your brow
Be calm, she smiles on her baby: 'man-baby': a funny thing

Long legs and moves too quickly
In unpredictable directions
Gives you a fright - catch her in your hands
You let her outside, or stamp her to pieces
Into the carpet of your sin

Hey boys - not too long now till closedown
How long - walking the white lines?
Ask Terry
Ask Catherine
Ask Jorjey
Ask Dan Belton
Ask Sharney
Ask Lisa
Ask Bill
Ask me

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I look in your eyes, see love's lies
Smiling, hiding
Did you realise, how soon love dies
When you stray?

Are you dead or alive? Is your heart up for sale?
From a look in your eyes, how would I know?

I fall through the days, my horoscope says
Now you must be strong, in so many ways
You try to erase what we've become

I work so hard just to get through these days
Just to get through
I worked through
But never again
Now you try...

Suspicious emotions
You were the first one to give up... trying
A suspect emotion
When you drove the car through love's red light
And when we meet

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These days I try
So hard to reach
Without pulling
You're charmless, servile
So many times
Let me be near you

You have the rhyme
Yours are the signs that we read

Our faithful conduct
Tell me again, Majordomo
Kid glove or halo
Hand over fist
Can't you see me?

You have the rhyme
Yours are the signs that we read

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Nembutal says it all
Heroin - get on your horse
I want my Temazapan
I want my Prozac
God give me Lithium
Nembutal - of course

surely drooling

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There was silence in the room. The quiet, he thought, was unnatural, it produced a calm that was at odds with these claustrophobic surroundings.
All his life he'd been accustomed to noise of some sort, and he found this new silence unsettling.
He stood awkwardly, fidgeting with the shutters of the Windowblind, in an effort to dispel the quiet.
From the half-shadow of the bedside lamp, he watched her, inscrutably counting the money.
He'd begun by telling her about Isobel, how much he loved her and couldn't understand why their marriage was breaking up.
With a start, he realized she was watching him, and he lifted his head to meet her gaze.
For some minutes he stood thus; no expression save an obvious distance for the irreversible situation he now found himself caught up in.

The silence returned, forming a blanket he was greatful for.
And then suddenly she spoke... In the closeness of the room, her voice was remarkably harsh: "You wretched moral profligate, you talk of love, I'll tell you of love, love is the touch of white patent leather, love is a struggle in a rented room, real love exists only for a fleeting moment, it is the difference between grief and passion, the urgent beating of erotic fists, it is the inheritance of the desolate but no armour against casualties such as you or I..."
The words struck him like a whip... Incensed and helpless, downing in the flood of his compulsion, he had opened his mouth to reply when a new sound caught his ear - a dull rhythmic thumping, like the faint strokes of a hidden clock, echoed across the room.
His mouth grew dry in horror at this macabre intervention. He glanced quickly at her, but was sure she had not heard it and then, as the time flew, and his eyes rose and fell around the room, he found it was the beating of his own heart.

He looked up.
She was preparing some new apparatus, fastidiously adjusting a set of worn leather thongs, and drawing them tight against a long steel rail. He marvelled at her efficiency, and must have let slip some audible gasp, for she had turned to face him.
He quivered fearing another burst of her lethal rhetoric, but she was smiling.
The blonde head moved, and he was reminded of Medusa, noticing the wild hair: a flaxen helmet alive with coiled, misshapen thorns hovering uneasily atop the imperious mask beneath.

Chrome gleamed at her side, and he transferred his gaze to the rail and harness, lingering over cracked leather coverings and intermittent areas of rusted metal.
He wondered at this strange accoutrement, and tried to imagine the series of collisions that had provided this "Memento Mori" with such a fatal acquisition.
His watch told him an hour had passed, and he sighed heavily, knowing the time was near.
The final adjustments completed, she tossed her hair, and, rising abruptly, pointed a hand at his mouth, tentatively tracing a figure-eight kiss... "How like talons they are..." he mused, and caught his breath in awe of the spectacle, and as the light fell, he watched the moving finger.

In those last few moments of his wretchedness, he considered the ruin that was his life:
He remembered everything he'd built up or torn down.
he remembered the Red Brick house from where he came
He remembered his Father's strong hands that held him, the sweet, sickly smell of his Mother's flesh squeezing him tight as she nursed him through thunderstorms.
He recalled his Wife, prostate and bellowing on a hospital bed, and the slithering thing that was his Son, fighting for the first breath of air.
He remembered yesterday's quarrel, and the cuts on his hands.
And then he remembered he was here, in this motel room, interned with a black and white Mannequin, poised at the brink of deliverance, three feet away from a cold steel rail.

He took a step forward.
Across the wall, parched and waiting like some mad creature of prey, Pariah's scarred lips gaped, exposing a fence of daggers.
Her cat's eyes glittered as she extended a claw, and with a terminal click, switched out the light...

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When their heads broke down
When their hearts ceased to function clean
They tore themselves away
Their ties were straightened by their wives

These are the Mishapes
Young men with swollen hands
Where are you now

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Mishima -
- new world order
Honourable death
Last breath
Mishima - san
Evening, Kyoto Park
Final light, Mishima

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Mary wakes
Imagine how long it takes
Before she rises every morning
She's got so much grace
Making up her pretty face
Soon there is no trace of
who she really is

She has her list of things to do
But she can't decide
Which one of them will do

That's my blue angel
My blue angel
She plays with her boy
He fills her little heart with joy
I can see them in my dreams
Her perfect mouth
Trembling on the edge of doubt
For who will come
To save her from herself

Angel kills me and it's true
My whole wide world is turning blue

My blue angel
My blue angel
I'll show you everything
Come on angel
My blue angel
Honey angel ... spread your wings and fly
Come on home
Come on angel

O my angel
I know you think you're strong
But Mary , even angels cry

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Welcome to Heaven :
We finish as we start
I relinquish everything
By merely taking part
Now I feel so hollow
I'm glad you feel the same
Where once I'd turn away
Now I struggle to remain

You talk of contribution
Heaven knows, I've tried
I reach out to hold you
But now my arms are tied
I feel a new sense of power
I try and hold it in
But where does thinking end
And thoughtlessness begin

So welcome to our Heaven
You women and you men
Pistol - whipped forever
By the Governmental pen
There can be no amnesty
For terrorists like us
We used to be such romantics
Now our bubble's burst

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O sweetheart libido
She gives me appetite
Did she wink her carnal eye
As we kissed goodnight
If I reach too far for forbidden fruit
Will she break my foolish heart
Libido, I don't know
How do I start

I hear her calling and I sigh again
She never lets me be
She puts my luggage on a hijacked plane
Destination : infidelity
Well I'm not too sure where her interest lies
Perhaps you'll sympathise with me?
Libido - I'll follow
For you have the key

So darling believe me
I'm not the roving kind
The alter- ego is a foxy device
It's a Bounty Hunter in my mind
And though she taxes me
With debauchery
I swear it's the very last time
Sweetheart libido :
I resign

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I Look down on a two inch Square
See it moving
It's moving

Furious with waiting around
I try and force the door
See the books and broken bottles
scattered on the floor

Outside a movie plays
The actress tries a kiss
The Soundtrack gets me every time
The music sounds like this -

Mouth to mouth by telephone
I talk to you in braille
A hidden word could penetrate
across your painted veil

Outside bg wheels are sliding
Toward ' Car- Crash Arcade '
And in the man made underground
They watch the big parade

I Look down on a two inch Square
See a black hub moving
It's moving
cry -

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Just as the pool of moonlight dies
Casts away it's thin disguise
Take these parched lips that long for you
We'll tango over weary feet
Waltzing through the bridal suite
The Porter winks his eye and smiles at you

Somewhere beyond the realms of paradise
There's a place for us I know
It's up on a cloud of snow white heaven
Take my hand and we will go
I hear flamencos from the Orchard play
And you are the sunset in my heart

I hear flamencos fading in
And give you that special look again
How your negligee becomes you
Let's take the brittle plans we've made
For our honeymoon parade
Darling now and forever

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Call it escalation
Call it a means to an end
Question the wealth of division
That makes us unnatural friends

Such deep and hollow wounds
Platonic love bites rend
This is their mark of affliction
The lifebelt on which you depend

Look at the art that surrounds you
The dead things you've worked to arrange
New friends have locked up your talents
Platonic Love lies strange -

Call it escalation
Call it a means to an end
Question the wealth of division
That makes us unnatural friends

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Take a drink
Take a minute or two
Don't push
It'll come to you
Playback to a Ballroom floor
You're dressed for dancing
And they call you

Cast aside
Your furs and masks
You're feeling stronger
Safe at last
Take a drink
Take a minute or two
The factory opens
And you rush through

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Princess, I've been thinking over
All the things that we've been through
I'd call you if I thought I'd get a word in
So I'm singing to be sure of reaching you

Remember the day we were married
A perfect fairy-tale from dawn to dusk
I wore my finest suit of armour
And the beauty of your mask was real enough

You thought we were the golden couple
Was that a blessing or a curse?
For everything we touched turned into fruitless happiness
Now we're Prince and princess Midas in reverse

I always found you irresistible
I'm a realist that way
You took the boy I'll make the babies
And just like kids, we'll do what the lawyers say

I guess your family didn't take to me
An independent, measured by the state
But if you'd turned into you without that small town wrecking crew
Then I know that you know we'd integrate

If only we could get together
Without us getting in the way
For life is hard enough without this endless legal bluff
As the years and months and weeks turn into a daze

So my blue angel, how's it going?
Tornado girl, I'm happy just to know
That you're alive and Well - in - Garden City
Surrounded by the ' yesses ' but no ' no's '

I've touched the delta of your venus
To help the Jung One come to grow
- all those Volosquitos knew how to taste the best of you
In that far and distant land so long ago

I think I'll be hanging up my pistols
Cupid's tender bullets are firing blanks
Change my six-gun for a six-pack
Then I'll drink a toast to you returned with thanks

Beneath the ocean of your lovers
When you're sinking through that tidal wave of bliss
Mummy's buoy will keep your lovely head above the water
Come sondown, I'll rescue you with this :

Baby I'll Womberang towards you
I'll be swinging through the passion and the strife
For if it's true that children give life it's meaning
Darling tell me, what is the meaning of .... ' Wife ' ?

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Blonde girl
Tell me your name
Blue day
Nothing's the same
Sun dancing on the water reminds me of you
Warm on the surface but it's cool there too

Stagger home, criss-crosses over my eyes
I'm punch drunk and mesmerised

I'm living kinda rough
On a sidewalk scene
I'd love to show you but I guess you've already been
Tell me I'm foolish, but a cat can look at a queen
There's not enough and I must know where you've been

Criss-crosses splashing over my eyes
Punch drunk and mesmerised

Keep on trying just to see what you'd do
There's never enough whiskey to carry me through
Saw you smiling - I thought it's o.k.
But it's just another reminder to keep right away

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On the twenty-eighth day of heroics
He returned from a foreign shore
A fast ride in a borrowed car
Rogue Male

A weekend in the country
We were waiting for the weather to break
He arrives in perfect time
Immaculately dressed in grey

On the twenty-eighth day of heroics
I witnessed his decline and fall
White shirt torn at the shoulder
Rogue Male

His heart choked, he played out
He took a last vain shot at civility
He lost face, he crashed through
There was a chivalrous tone in his elegy
Rogue Male

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Listen take hold of me
Hurt me breathlessly
I stand here and watch your eyes
Your scarred lips
built to terrorise

You've made me a brand new man
Siren - you and me
Does it move you like it moves me
Does it thrill you breathlessly
Siren takes down her hair
Twilight is all we need

We could die tonight
Siren it was Hell at first sight
But I sleep here
And all the while
Your scarred mouth
Forms a wretched smile

You've made me a brand new man
Siren - you and me
Does it move you like it moves me
Does it thrill you breathlessly

Siren tell me
Of all the majestic things
we've done together
Your pink eyes

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Oh stop the world spinning around
Violin fingers will help us down
Closer, closer we sail
No one will hear us we'll talk in Braille
Now our estrangement is made
White room, snowy arcade

Take up your fur my winter prize
Box-hat, veil... such a thin disguise
'These are my guards'... you used to say
Snow girl beside me a step away
Sable becomes you I'm told
White room, dizzy with cold

Oh will the warmth never begin?
Snowscapes' shower invites us in
Only a calm breeze remains
Cooling our volcanic love again
Soon the violin fades
White room, snow melts away...

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We were pretending that it had disappeared
I didn't understand - some things are never clear
You used to write a smile and cut it on my mouth
What happened to the things we used to dream about

Out of the question - why should we be in love
Or was it your career that you were thinking of
You had a headache I offered you a tear
But you walked out on me :
Some things are never clear

Some things are never clear
Some things are never clear
Some things are never clear

. . ain't it the truth

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Beautiful girl what can I do
What in the world has happened to you
Without the love I'm hardly alive
Surely you know all the time
Beautiful boy I'm thinking of you
I think of the war we're putting you through
But I give you my word
There'll be many a sunset
And many a girl to be
And when I find you I'll find me
We'll open the door
When I give you the key
Work through the lies
' Sondown ' will end
After blackest night this son will rise
Beautiful girl I wait here for you
And when you return
The things that we'll do
All the way there is no truth
I wanna know - where is the proof
Beautiful boy I wait here for you
My hands are tied what your mother will do
We'll talk on the phone until it gets dark
I run home alone and wait for a spark
Take all the love that you hold
Electra : everyone's cold
For a quiet life of joy
Mediators will tell us why
Beautiful girl I'm writing to you
In all the world
There's so much left to do
Now return by way of love
And all the things you want will come
Every time this world turns on
A camera takes you all alone
Take all the time open the door
Push on the light
Like so many times before
I'm smokiung endlessly
The charming and harming
That you offered me
The embrace the volte - face
The sighing and lying
The charming and harming
' Sondown ' is here - and I'm watching
Blue in the face
From all this hurting
And when the Devils and the Angels
aren't looking
I'll pour myself away for you

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Sultan do
The movies run for you?
From Garbo to Delta
Paint your harem blue
So miscast :
The toast of the ruling class
Rajah to the last
You changed your name In a secret Bid for fame
I know what you're thinking
At times I feel the same

Sultan far
Beneath that red guitar
You held a keen sense of theatre
Costumed so bizarre
Now I hear
It's a different style this year
But princes makes poor cowboys
So let me make this clear :
Sultan, will
you play me ' Alphaville '
Or a cartoon Cantata
You know
It woos me still

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Witness our exhilaration, we're feeling our way as we run
The landmarks slide as our two hearts collide
The first wild kiss has begun

I wait for your touch like a schoolboy, a bogus conductor of youth
The arch of a mouth and I dare not cry out
As the first wild kiss cuts through

I watch as your lips come between us, dividing me from other men
In dreams I will capture the moment of rapture
And lust for the wild kiss again

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With my bride on my arm
We waltz through the City
Looking for a place to dance
We fell away from the Lab
Looking for a human emission
Oh baby didn't stand a chance - did we

In the blood bank we were there
With test - tubes in our hair
Hear a voice from the door - herr Doktor
"Tell me what you're doing here"
I put a needle in my baby's arm
She took me by the hair
with a mad one's smile
Bloody hands ready for transplant
And the liver made me smile

Do the body bank baby do the ya - ya
Do the body bank by the hour the hour
the midnight hour
Baby do the ya - ya
Do the body bank
What they do they do
You don't know what they do
When they cry

Leave me in my ......
I cut off your head I open your eyes
Come with me down Riptide
Down below where the coffin calls
Let me have it all
Do the blood bank
The blood bank

We waltz through the City
Arm in arm ......

Hold me, Vampira
Kiss me on the neck

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Take down all your pictures
Tear away your paper heart
With the power of accommodation
Hurry now, well make a start

Disregard the cries of derision
I can feel trade winds blow
They fan the torch of our elation
Take my hand, we'll watch it glow

Sometimes I feel there's a wall in your heart
The screen door protects us from falling
If I held your hand could you believe once for me?
This feeling of heaven takes you down

Far away
On some desert background
Our wayward lives are pushed out of phase
If I accept your reluctant kisses
Could you abhor my indifferent ways?

Breathless now
Our spirits falter
As I lose the hand
That you extend
Until such time
I will consider
And take up the challenge again

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A   is an Angel of blushing eighteen
B   is the Ball where the Angel was seen
C   is her Chaperone, who cheated at cards
D   is the "deuxtemps" with Frank of the guards
E   is her Eye thrilling slowly but surely
F   is the Fan whence it peeped so demurely
G   is her Glove, of superlative kid
H   is the Hand which it spitefully hid
I    is the Ice which the fair one demanded
J    is the Juvenile, a dainty who handed
K   is the Kerchief: a rare work of Art
L   is the Lace which composed the chief part
M   is the Old Maid, who sees the chits dance
N   is the Nose she turned up at each glance
O   is the Olga, just then in its prime
P   is her Partner who couldn't keep time
Q   is the Quartet that pesters for dances
R   with a Roar, she rejects their advances
S   is the Supper, the guests go in pairs
T   is the Twaddle they talked on the Stairs
U   is her Uncle, who "...thought we'd be going..."
V   is the Voice which the Deb replies "No!" in
W   the Window he shatters in hate
X   is his Exit, not rigidly straight
Y   is a Yawning Fit caused by the Ball
Z   stands for ZERO - or nothing at all

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I want a lock of your hair
From the triangle there
It might prove we are real
Not just some domestic
Sex - Kitten appeal

You fuck with emotion
The white stuff spits out
like an arc
May I shake the hand
that squeezed the heart

I'd like a peek at your soul
It might determine my role
You're so aloof all the time
I want your love
Why don't you want mine

In the Funhouse
Where coitus begins
I cling to your walls
Like an upstart
Kiss the hand, the hand
that squeezed the heart

Come to the altar
Leave me alone
The blindfold is surreal
Now get out
Go on home

I've watched you kneel
So far below me
Burned the hand, the hand
that squeezed the heart

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At the logical start, to the logical end
Looking like a rainfall, it's pouring down again
To another decade, just another bright day
I call you in the meantime
To see if you're ok
Pathological heart pathological friend
I'll meet you at lunchtime - drinking you again

Now the Wolfpack, when you backpack
Started like a tourist : ended up an artist
And the logical start to a logical end
They take you to the mainland ... swimming once again
The logical end where it won't go away
There's too much confusion winging my way
Oh the backpack you got me on your roofrack
There ain't no dedication - too much education

I took a holiday I was too far gone there was no one
Found me a telegram that came too soon, then there was someone
We drank gin and tonic in the sunlight of the Mediterranean
Walked through the evening to the Hotel room, you said you'd be leaving

The logical start to the logical end, bringing on the mainstream
Looking like a long lost friend oh the wolfpack and the backpack
Desertation and delectation
Pathological heart pathological friend
We're walking on summertime it's comin' round again
I got my logical start to a logical end
I got my dedication to the end

I took her dancing in the middle of the day
No wine or truffles there was nothing to say
The bacon's eaten and the cheese is gone
I was stranded in the desert with a different song I say : yeh

To a logical start, and a logical end
What happens in the meantime we'll only re-pretend
Ask the Lawyers when they saw you, fighting for existence
- just like you do

The logical start
and the logical
End -

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We boarded the train at Victoria
We were lucky - found an empty compartment...
We all crowded in : No Sign Of Life
Except a ripped-up and tattered copy
of "The Sunday Times"
It smelt of lavender perfume
And we looked about, in search of somebody
But there was no one
Only a newspaper
The only evidence
of the other passenger
Whoever she was...

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Let's go
Down to the wire
Let's go
Down to the fire
Let's go

It's real
It's real
Six dead - found in London
Six reds founded London
Move the light
Oozing love
Losing sight

You look healthier
It's a long time since I saw you
A short time
That I've known you

Come now
We walk
You will take my arm
As we walk
Glitter is bitter

. . . remember. . ?

The last kiss
The last embrace
And the blue look I see on your face
On your icy face
The last kiss

Come now for the last walk
Come now for the last talk
And kiss me like you kissed me


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Cut it
Cut it out
Cut it
Cut it out

You watch through glowng eyes
As medics eat your heart out
Gimme electrotherapy click
A sanitive thalmologist
It's so hot under the big white light
But scalpels leave me cold
Please listen this is terminal
Therapy , drugs

This smacks of paralysis
Traction - pull yourself together
Coughing up blood
Coughing up blood
Splashing on fractured limbs
And I peer through fetid swabs
at the Surgeon dressed to drill
There's no escape from the big white light
Surgery kills

Cut it out
Cut it
Cut it out

Trachea, liquid , softs , kidneys
He'll hurt you
He'll hurt you

ad lib rant o yeh

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The purist stands
His back's against a wall
But don't shoot yet
He might leave a stain as he falls
How can I slow down
The merry-go-round that you cling to?
When it takes so much time
Unwriting the rules set by you

Can you read?
Then read between these lines
And should the lines blur
I will give you a sign
How can I show you
When the merry-go-round makes my head spin?
The studio is cold
And, like you, I'll do what I'm told

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Fighting all day in the tube of a Bi-plane
Turbulent sheen of a wild monsoon
Ripping out a backcloth over Uganda
Choked on a Telegram gone too soon
Fight like a Mau - Mau kiss like a diplomat
Rainstorm spitting in the eye of the sun
Newsboys selling us a dream of America
Getting uptight but I gotta move on

Ho Ho - Black sun rising
See them in a ditch at the side of the road
No No - another uprising
Shine like silver teeth like gold

Rigging up a shot from a Newsreel movie
Soldiers and the ants switch left to the right
White meets black on a deadline headline
Dust is a souvenir gotta take flight
Snatched from the jaws of a see-saw crocodile
Crash through Customs - Passport's wrong
Telephone shrieks with the ghost of Apartheid
Drunk on America skinned to the bone

Ho Ho - Black sun rising
See them in a ditch at the side of the road
Ho Ho - another uprising
Shine like silver teeth like gold

Ana Basillica
Ana Basillica

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See the black tattoo on Lou's right arm
Candy's mouth is like a burglar alarm

Hollow (white pill)
Race (red pill)
Hollow (blue pill)
It takes all kind of nerve

The Chanteuse is an ice-cool blonde
She holds the mic like a used condom

Now the party's over
All the guests have gone
Soon we will discover
'Toujours l'amour bruton...'

Now the action is a wide split-screen
Mark an X where the Censor's been

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He looks sly, he's got zombies eyes
He's an abstract Dolly with a lifemask
His bedspread's all Jungle Red
Close in on his sensi grin
Hear the giggle of a real Banshee
He paints fins on banana skins

Viva! Masouri, Viva Masouri
Viva! Masouri, Viva! Viva!

You get fucked in a pick-up truck
In his great recurring dream
Blurred wax over canvas tacks
Its so real (surreal)
You can almost feel
His brush strokes daub your flesh
Rip it up and exhibit again

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Met her in a bar
" Maybe I'll see you again "
Took me to a Cinema
and you held my hand

Sun goes down
Behind a Sunset so gold
Where I left you on the beach
With a beach bag in your hand

It makes no sense you're going wrong
You better get back where you belong

Saw you walking on the street
in the afternoon
Seems to me there's a desperate
nature in your moves

Sunset girl
Will you hold me again
Something's missing and I can't see
where to go

Every time you close your eyes
There's a strange light shining at
the corner below
So take me where the knife
cuts my heart out again
I'll be running with the wind with the
fog closing right on in

Maybe there's something
I'll return to you
I'll come a long way to tie your shoes
That you left at my place
Did you give me a chance
A hundred and five
hours sitting in my room . . .

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We'll take a tour through you soul
Let your conscience be our goal
In your heart we;ll spend the day
If we get lost I'll ask the way

Take me down under there
Overground - the thin air
In the hinge of your mind's eye
See the Scientists pass by
It will be the longest night
Sex attack with second sight

Through your hair of ocean blue
Living things that cling to you
I will changed your wayward heart
When I've taken you apart

As I blur you away
Touch your heart and meltaway
Shatter glass makes you high
In a black and white sky

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Let me introduce myself
I am your favourite god
I will possess you
And fit you like a glove
You say your friends have been asking after you
But you will forget them all
When I acquire you

You'll recognize me
When you undress in the dark
And my absence leaves a question
And a question mark
Maybe this tyranny will be the death of me
But Ill still reserve your space
In my monopoly

I want you
I want you
It happens all the time
When I see you
And I' m close to you

So take up the ballpoint pen
They 'll peck at your brain
Seal the lie with a contractual kiss
'till your'e passive once again
but don't lose your head
until we reach the Guillotine
join all your friends
in my happiness machine
-switch it on

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Long day, sun-kissed beach
Push the wheelchair out of reach
Waiting for you

Slow wave, burns on you
I can tell by the way you move
Just the way that you move

Said you should'nt do it, but I knew you would
Two drinks and it's understood

Cool down, play for time
I can feel your hand in mine
Just look at your face

Sit together with your knees aligned
Handbag drops by your side

Silk dress, white as snow
We should have left here hours ago
They'll be waiting for you

Cool down, play for time
I can feel your hand in mine
Always waiting for you

You live on the other side of town
I can feel the blues come down
Each time I turn on the light

D'you know what it's like,
waiting for you?
I get so used to the things that we do
But that's you

Say your friend's lonely
and you have to spend time
I want your little heart in mine
And no substitute

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The telephone
Just burned a hole in my hand
I bit the tip of my tongue
I had to overcome
A comic abstraction
Before I could level this gun

I know you're sick and tired
Of me now
You've told me often enough
My saving graces
Have been long overshadowed
By the high-handed way
You make love

I should have realised
Along time ago
But there's no need to explain
Before you tell me
It was all my own fault
Perhaps you'd tell me
His name...

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